Woman-Owned H3 Healthcare Holdings Launches Fresh Take on Medical Practice Consulting

H3 Healthcare Holdings, the innovation leader in healthcare transformation, announced the launch of H3 Healthcare Consulting.

In a recent press releaseH3 Healthcare Holdings, the innovation leader in healthcare transformation, announced the launch of H3 Healthcare Consulting. H3 works collaboratively as a ‘Virtual Practice Executive’ to help healthcare management teams optimize their business so they can focus on what matters most: caring for patients.


In 2020, and for the first time on record, less than half of all physicians worked in a physician-owned private practice [American Medical Association], building on a trend that has accelerated in recent years. Complex health data systems, declining reimbursement, and increased hospital system pressures have largely been the cause of the recent acceleration of this trend.  But at the core of this decline remains overly task-saturated businesses, unable to optimize revenue cycle management, patient engagement, utilization of technology and automation, and others.

“After over a decade in the industry, it has become clear to me that the immense complexities of healthcare in the U.S. can easily overwhelm physician-owned practices,” says Beka Hegenwald, Chief Executive Officer and co-Founder at H3 Healthcare Holdings. “Our goal is to help clinicians reclaim their independence and empower them to focus on providing the best possible care for their patients.”

Woman-owned business

In line with its mission to bring modern approaches to the operation of medical practices, H3 is a woman-owned business. Hegenwald explained, “Healthcare and the problems that arise from it are in need of a holistic approach instead of break-fix solutions that compound the complexities. Women are healthcare providers, partners, mothers, caregivers, volunteers, and patients; their holistic perspective is essential in creating and implementing solutions that support a new care model that truly works for all stakeholders.”

The proliferation of healthcare technology in the form of innovative products and services has brought siloed solutions that have reshaped the care delivery landscape.  But in a complex technical environment where vendor solutions often overlap and yet single platforms are underdeveloped, it takes the lens of experienced healthcare leaders, like H3, to identify the root cause of problems and to integrate and implement solutions that address the need with elegance and simplicity.

Top U.S. healthcare experts

“We commonly see medical practices that have spent the past decade or more adding one-off technical solutions to solve each specific problem and yet create another problem by doing so.” said Scott Huston, Chief Strategy Officer and co-Founder at H3 Healthcare Holdings. “Having both the time and expertise to step back and evaluate the existing platform versus the resources and direction of the organization is simply a luxury many clinical practices can’t afford. Until now.”

Working with H3 means securing a team of top U.S. healthcare experts who work collaboratively as a ‘Virtual Practice Executive.’ The H3 team provides an unparalleled client experience, delivers actionable growth strategies, leverages data-driven decision-making, and deploys innovative and integrated technology systems to achieve the results practices need. 

For more information visit: h3althcare.com

About H3 Healthcare Holdings

H3 Healthcare Holdings is a woman-owned business, founded in 2022 to help providers tackle the immense challenges of running a medical practice. H3 helps clinicians optimize their healthcare business so they focus on what matters most: caring for patients.

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