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Beka Hegenwald

Not Everything Belongs in a Spreadsheet

Medical practices across the country are tackling some of the most complex processes by using spreadsheets and it makes sense: they are flexible, customizable, and low cost. But there are some things that don't belong in spreadsheets, no matter how much you might want to put them there.

HIPAA Violation, What Do You Do?

It's critical that you understand what HIPAA means for your practice, how to avoid violating it and how to respond if you do.  This article will give you an idea of what to expect and how to prepare for a breach involving patient information.

5 Ways You Can Make Your Metrics Make You Money

Projects frequently fail or stall out due to vague goals and metrics, leaving organizations with a lot of time and revenue invested in a project that isn’t pushing towards business and revenue growth. The best way to know if you are successfully reaching your desired outcome is to have a defined metric that measures the impact of a process or technology change.