Your Time is Valuable – When Does a Third Party Make Sense?

You're running a practice you have a lot to do. In this blog post we'll discuss why outsourcing certain tasks is so important and how to do it properly so that it doesn't negatively affect your bottom line.

You’re running a practice you have a lot to do. You need to focus on your core business activities to grow your practice and serve your patients. Even if you outsource some of the less essential tasks, there are still many things that require your attention. Taking up more of your time than necessary is typically not a luxury you can afford. In this blog post we’ll discuss why outsourcing certain tasks is so important and how to do it properly so that it doesn’t negatively affect your bottom line.

Spend more time performing revenue generating activities

Freeing up your time from some of the tedious or distracting to-dos will allow you to be able to focus on your core business. When your time is spent managing the tasks that can be outsourced, you are missing out on revenue-generating activities like clinic expansion, marketing, or new offerings for your patient population. Trading up for the revenue generating tasks can help move your business forward faster and ensure better results for your bottom line.

You will become more productive by delegating routine processes. With all of the distractions that come along with running a healthcare business, it can be difficult for owners to stay focused on their core competencies and not get sidetracked with other tasks that are easy enough for others (or even machines) to handle instead. By reassigning these tasks and communicating clearly what needs done so there are no errors, owners will have more time available in their day while still getting everything done they need without having to worry about any miscommunication issues.

The easiest way to determine if bringing an expert in makes sense is by asking yourself some basic questions.

  • What kind of value proposition do they bring to the table?
  • What are the benefits of getting this task off my plate?
  • What are the risks and costs associated with keeping this in-house?

These questions will help you understand if this is the right move for your organization or not. Focusing on what you can solve today will build value over time. Keeping efforts are focused on continuous improvement and increasing efficiency is an investment into your practice’s success.

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